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Common Reasons for Transmission Failure

Low Transmission Fluid

  • Can be caused by leaks
  • Results in slow shifting and gear slippage

Torque Converter Issues
The torque converter pressurizes the automatic transmission fluid.

  • A damaged or worn converter makes grinding sounds and affects proper operations.


  • Can be caused by low fluid levels or a heavy tow load
  • Overheating can make the transmission seize and often requires a Total Replacement

Driving Style

  • Improper shifting, aggressive driving, and general abuse cause transmissions to fail
  • This may be obvious. But, never ever shift a car into reverse while it is moving forward!

Solenoid Problems
The solenoid controls transmission fluid flow

• Solenoid issues may be mistaken for low or leaking fluid

Clutch Issues

  • Symptoms include harsh shaking and high heat levels
  •  Significant drop in power output is a good indication of clutch problems

Vehicle History

  • Especially important if you drive a used car
  • Have a transmission specialist inspect the entire system

Worn Gears

  • Gears can wear out over time
  • Perform regular maintenance to ensure gears stay in good working order

Faulty Wiring

  • Transmissions operate on a series of linkage connections
  • Any break in the system can lead to a total transmission failure
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