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Rebuilt Transmission

In the case of a “FULL rebuilt transmission”, this is often interchangeable with “swapped”, “exchanged”,” overhauled”, “ reconditioned”, or  “re-manufactured”  transmission. The entire transmission is usually removed and disassembled.

This process leads to the replacement of all soft parts such as:  gaskets, filters, seals, O-rings, bands, and clutches. This repair has all the internal parts meticulously cleaned and examined. Under this repair procedure, the valve body is dismantled and thoroughly cleaned and examined as well.

This process leads to the replacement of faulty parts to a good standard or replaced with either new, rebuilt or unimpaired parts. The assessment and adjustment of such parts have been performed to comply with the OEM specifications.  Every FULL rebuilt transmission comes with a longer guarantee.  This can be anywhere from 20,000 to 30,000 mile limited warranty.

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