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What is a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) ?

You may have heard of parts on cars being recalled. The truth is, cars and trucks are manufactured with substandard parts all the time. It’s mostly bad engineering. Auto manufacturers cannot afford to make sure the cars are perfect before they manufacture them. They find defects all the time. If these defects cause people to get injured or die the part is recalled. But if there is only a problem with the part and nobody gets hurt or dies it goes on what is called a Technical Service Bulletin. Any reputable repair shop knows about this list of parts.

 As you can imagine, any repair shop that only does the bare minimum, will not tell you that list exists and that you have parts in your transmission that need to be updated.

At Transmissions Repair Pros San Jose we check the list for your vehicles model and year and see if there are any parts that are on that Technical Service Bulletin list—and replace them. By upgrading these parts your transmission will perform almost better than when it was new. A transmission that is operating at peak performance will make you vehicle run better for longer and even improves your gas mileage.

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