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How to Care for Your Car’s Transmission

Make sure that your car’s transmission always works efficiently. Transmission repair is undeniably costly. In fact, you’ll cringe at the amount you’ll have to shell out in case you run into several problems. With today’s increasing prices, it’s best that you look for ways to save money.

Spare yourself from trouble simply by knowing how to maintain your car’s transmission. It won’t take much of time, and more importantly, you’ll be assured of your safety whenever you go out. Breaking down in the middle of nowhere can be scary. This is the last thing you want to happen. And if you have to leave your car on the road simply because it refuses to run, then you need to find ways to make sure no one steals it.

Keep your car in good shape by taking note of the following care tips that will be helpful:

Tip 1: Avoid Heat
Heat is the transmission’s biggest enemy. Avoid operating your car in difficult conditions. For instance, don’t put it in drive and reverse repeatedly when you go through muddy areas. Or, avoid towing heavy loads. If you’re forced to operate under these unfortunate circumstances, then it’s best to invest in additional cooling for your transmission. The coolers can easily be mounted on the radiator. If you drive an SUV, see if your vehicle already comes with a factory manufactured auxiliary cooler.

Tip 2: Replace Fluid with a Recommended Brand
First of all, you need to check the transmission fluid regularly. If it has turned brown or muddy, or if it smells like burnt toast, change it immediately. Before you get a bottle of transmission fluid, read through the owner’s manual and see the exact kind one that your car needs. Never mix two different types of fluid.

Tip 3: Stop the Car when Changing Gears
Don’t change from drive to reverse while the vehicle runs. Or, always change from park to drive once you’ve made sure that the engine is idle. This allows you to put less stress on the transmission.

Tip 4: Disengage Overdrive When Climbing Up a Rough Terrain
This prevents the car from repeatedly changing gears. The overdrive is most ideal on flat roads and highways. Not only will you protect transmission when you properly disengage overdrive, but you’ll also save fuel usage. You can also do this if you’re carrying a heavy load inside your car.

Take note of the following tips because you can avoid further problems if you don’t overwork your vehicle’s transmission. Everyone must know basic transmission care and maintenance tips. And if you’ve invested in your own car, be responsible about it in order to avoid any type of inconvenience.

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