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What to look for in a Reputable Repair Shop.

Questions you should be asking:

With this checklist you will put shady or disreputable transmission repair shop owners in their place. They won’t even think about trying pull one over on you because they will know that you know what you are talking about and are not to be taken advantage of. Don’t let them try and push you around and tell you that none of this matters because you already know better. If they can’t meet the requirement on the checklist go to another repair shop. It will be worth the effort.

  • Choose a shop that only does transmissions

Questions to ask repair shop:

  • Do you use recycled fluid?
  • Do you salvage parts from junk yards?

If they answered yes to either of the above question leave right away.

Otherwise continue with questions:

  • Are you a member of ATRA (Automatic Transmissions Rebuilders Association ) ?
  • Do you buy OEM (Original Equipment from Manufacturer) parts for the parts that need to be replaced from the dealership?
  • Do you upgrade all the parts on the technical service bulletin?
  • Drop pan and replace both filters?
  • What kind of warranty do you offer? ( Number of miles and years )

Do you replace the following parts even if they are not broken:

  • Replace the oversized accumulator pressure valve?
  • Replace bushings (with new parts)?
  • Replace springs?
  • Replace valve body calibration kit?

If you don’t feel like wasting your day driving to different repair shops looking for one that can meet all these criteria you can just drive to Transmission Repair Pros  San Jose. We meet every one of the standards on the list.